Dupont Wanderer
Casper David Friedrich. Wanderer above the Sea of Fog. 1818. Kunsthalle Hamburg.

I focus on creating a safe, warm, and reflective environment in which you can explore your thoughts and feelings without judgment. I take an active and collaborative approach to therapy and, with your help, I seek to create an optimal balance between safety and guidance and challenge and directness.

I am psychoanalytically trained, which means I believe our early experiences often shape the way we relate to ourselves and others. When I work with individual clients, I help them to examine patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that often have their origins in early life experiences and may continue to generate feelings of unhappiness. Because therapy occurs within a relationship, I often encourage my clients to explore our relationship in therapy as a window into how they relate to others in their lives.

My approach with couples is fair, compassionate, and flexible. Often couples who come to counseling find themselves stuck in certain relational patterns that lead again and again to the problems they are hoping to address in counseling. I help couples identify and alter these patterns and in the process explore the connection between these patterns and each partner’s experience of early formative relationships.

If you wish to learn more about my approach to psychotherapy, I would encourage you to visit my blog, Therapy Matters. Should you wish to learn more about psychoanalysis and whether its right for you, click here.

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